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We could all use additional help at one time or another.

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We believe churches are best able to meet individual needs through relationships with others in the context of community (e.g. groups, volunteering and events.) When additional care is required, we have specific Care and Support teams and events to help address unique life circumstances, with details below.

Prayer Team

The prayer team at Community Church prays for our congregation, church, and national leaders, as well as meeting Sunday mornings to pray throughout the building before and during the services. Our prayer team also takes the prayer requests that are submitted on Sunday mornings and prays for each specific request.

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Community Church has complied a list of Counseling Service Options in and around Central Michigan. If you’d like to receive counseling that integrates spirituality, faith beliefs and religious texts or scriptures, please make a specific request for a counselor who specializes in ‘pastoral counseling’ when booking your first appointment.

To contact a staff member of Community Church, please visit

List of Counseling Service Options

Deacon Assistance

Community Church Deacons are ordained leaders who support the congregation through the ministries of care and presence. Deacons assist Community Church families facing grief, loneliness, and uncertainty. They also oversee the Deacon Fund that provides assistance to families facing financial challenges.

Want to know more about how you can help others?

Call (989) 317-3231 To Request Assistance


We know sometimes it’s easy to feel like you’re all alone. Please let us know If you would like someone to visit you in the hospital or at home for prayer and fellowship.

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Additional Resources

Listening Ear: Local crisis hotline
Contact the hotline

Gambling Help
Find help

Drug Hotline
Find help

Pornography Addiction Resources
Find resources

1016 Recovery Network
Visit their website

Alano Club

(for alcoholics in recovery/AA)

772-4955 or (800) 821-3014 1201 N. Fancher, Mount Pleasant. Multiple meeting times.

ASCC Therapy Solutions
Visit their website