Who We Are

Together On Purpose


Our Leadership

I’ve had the honor of being in ministry for the last 23 years. After that much time, I’m still ‘fired up’ about local church leadership, preaching God’s Word to people, and worship. I’m so glad you are checking us out!

My role as a Pastor here at Community Church is a source of genuine joy and calling for me.


Together on Purpose

This simple phrase says a lot about who we are. It means that we are together intentionally, a family by choice of authentic, faith-filled disciple-makers with eyes focused on Jesus Christ.

It also means that we are together on mission. We actively work to show love and compassion to others while serving the under-served in mid-Michigan and beyond.

Gather Together

We love worshiping together on Sunday Mornings.

Plan Your Visit

Grow in Groups

If there was one thing we’d invite you to do after worshiping with us, it would be to join a group.

Join A Group

Go Live It Out

We want to be the church, outside the church walls.

Go Live It Out

Our Core Values

Five core values bring clarity to the things that matter most in our church family.

They keep us focused on the unique call God has given us as a local church to speak the message of the gospel in Central Michigan and beyond.

Unconditional Love: 

Saturating our interactions with love; without love, nothing else we do matters.

Empowered Living:

As followers of Christ, we respond to the continued work of the Holy Spirit which moves us to action.

Healthy Families:

Investing in significant relationships and promoting a balanced lifestyle.

Community Impact:

Living out our faith, out there beyond the church walls.