Job Openings

Working for the church is not just collecting a paycheck, but fulfilling a calling.

Requirements of all staff:

Committed to be an active personal disciple of Jesus including winsome modeling of Christian life and family relationships.

Comfortable serving in an independent church under an elder board that includes men and women.

Possesses a teachable, cooperative, humble and respectful demeanor and attitude.

Committed to active and personal participation in the life of this local church.

Committed to helping individuals engage, serve, volunteer and use their gifts in the context of this local church.

Committed to appropriate confidentiality in the lives of those we serve and care for.

Possesses a contagious passion for reaching those without Christ, both nearby and around the world.

Personally motivated to respond to all issues with the grace and love of God.

Ability to set and reach goals and objectives, and organize ministries to reach objectives.

Possess an excellent work ethic and passion to do the best you can with the resources you have.

Whenever possible, willingly collaborate with other staff and ministry teams as opportunities or needs arise.

Champion unity in the church on every occasion, zero tolerance for gossip or the misuse of words, and a thorough commitment to conflict resolution as detailed in Matthew 18.