Sub In

Assisting educators in our communities with their most requested need

Thank you for being interested in the Sub In initiative!

We’ve heard from educators at all levels that the shortage of substitute teachers has been huge burden on our local schools.

We strongly believe that we are called to do life as a community, caring for each other and lifting each other’s burdens. With this situation firmly in mind and with the desire to care for our educators and communities, Community Church will help facilitate the application for substitute teaching through as well as cover incurred costs to become a substitute teacher.

Have your fees covered

MPPS Onboarding Videos

Things you will need to know or have to complete the Substitute Teacher Application

  • Name & Address of High School
  • Name of Colleges. Dates attended. Degree Completed. # of Total Credits
  • Certifications. Certification number. Date of issue. Upload certificate
  • 3 References
  • Fingerprinting Form from District Application Directions

  1. Go to
  2. Click the button “Start New Application” on bottom right screen
  3. Create a username and password and then go to your email to confirm the application
  4. ‘Begin Application’ Page
    1. Fill out each field
    2. School District – pick the district of preference
    3. Work Type – “Substitute Employee”
    4. Position – “Teacher”
    5. Click on the button “create application”
  5. You will now be at the “HOME” page. This explains all that needs to be done in order to complete the application. This page will walk you through then entire process. Continue working through each page and checklist. It will guide you as you go. 
  6. ‘Background Check’ Page
    1. Fingerprinting – Depending on which District you plan to sub for will depend on who you contact to retrieve the correct fingerprinting form. Please scroll down to find your preferred school district.
    2. Email the contact person in this link to receive the correct fingerprinting form.
    3. Once you get this form, schedule an appointment for fingerprinting at your local police department or at the UPS Store (2020 S. Mission Street – 866.226.2952). You will need the Agency ID number on the fingerprinting form to schedule this appointment.
    4. After you complete your fingerprinting, email or deliver a copy of your prints to the district. The district will then notify WillSub to clear you.
  7. Watch the Training Videos that are listed on WillSub.
  8. Submit Application
  9. Once you submit your application, and WillSub receives your fingerprint clearance from the district of your choice, WillSub will send you a link via email where you can ‘Apply for Michigan Substitute Permit’. Click that link to apply and pay for permit. Then ‘Submit Application’ one more time on WillSub to finalize the process. 
  10. Once all of the above is complete, WillSub will notify you, and you will begin to receive texts/calls for substitute jobs. 
  11. Upon completion of the application process, please submit all receipts with a mailing address to for reimbursement. 

    School District Contact Information for Fingerprinting

    Alma Public Schools : Central Office, Wendy Guyette
    Phone: (989) 466-7511 | Email:

    Ashley Schools : Central Office, Sandy Slowinski

    Beal City Public Schools : Central Office
    Phone: (989) 644-3901 | Email:

    Breckenridge Community Schools : Brooklyn Smith, Administrative Assistant-Superintendent
    Phone: (989) 842-3182 ext. 1501 | Email:

    Fulton Schools : Cheryl Wiseman

    Ithaca Schools : Darcy Martyn
    Phone: (989) 875-3700 | Email:

    Morey Flex Tech : Michele Samoylov (You do not have to apply through WillSub if you sub here. Morey hires their subs directly.) Please send resumes to Michele Samoylov at
    Phone: (810) 229-5145

    Mt. Pleasant Schools : Heather Prewo

    Renaissance Academy : Brandy Reihl
    Phone: (989) 773-9889 | Email:

    Shepherd Schools : Central Office, Kelli Ingram
    (Fingerprinting forms must be picked up onsite)
    Phone: (989) 828-5520 | Email:

    St. Louis Schools : Lori Hale 
    (Fingerprinting forms must be picked up onsite)
    Phone: (989) 681-2545 | Email:

    Gratiot-Isabella RESD Special Ed Programs : Chelsea Giles 
    Phone: (989) 875-5680 | Email:

    Don’t see your school district listed? Email for assistance!