Foster and Adoption Support

Building a tangible support system for foster and adoptive families.

Thank you for being interested in Foster Care and Adoption!

Adoption and Foster Care are close to God’s heart. James 1:27 calls for followers of Jesus to care for those in vulnerable situations, emphasizing that this responsibility isn’t optional. That’s why we’re so excited to help support those taking on foster care and adoption as well as children and families at risk of intervention!

While some may feel the amazing call to become foster or adoptive parents, there are also numerous other ways to help support. The journey of involvement in foster care or adoption isn’t always straightforward. Some individuals begin by supporting foster and adoptive families before transitioning to become foster or adoptive parents themselves. Others may be actively involved through support, mentoring, or advocating. 

Thankfully, Christians don’t have to navigate the support of foster or adoptive families alone. The beauty of the Church lies in its community. Over the course of the next year we plan to build a tangible support system for foster care and adoption. 

We plan to tackle this in three ways: 

Promotion of foster care and adoption as a choice for families.

  • Sharing stories of foster and adoptive families through videos and other digital formats.
  • Encouraging people to consider how they can get involved with ways they can help, utilizing our website to highlight resources and links for foster and adoption in our communities. (more to come.)

Financial support for foster initiatives.

  • Duffel Bags with resources for foster kids entering care so they have something tangible that belongs to them.
  • Gift Cards for foster families to be able to purchase items for a placement.

Encouraging support services.

  • Hosting trainings and events to recruit and train foster parents.
  • Hosting foster care and adoption support programs and resources.

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