Community Church Governance Updates

Updates To Community Church Bylaws

Join in the future of governance and leadership of Community Church!

The Elders and Executive Leadership of Community Church have been working over the last year to propose an update to the church bylaws. This document, which governs the church, was written in the 1980s when the church was first formed yet we are still operating under them today.  The proposed changes to the bylaws reflect the growth and expansion of ministry at Community Church as well as establishes a groundwork for the future.

Changing the bylaws requires a vote of the members of the congregation.  To ensure that we are providing as much information about proposed changes as possible, we will be offering members at each campus an opportunity to hear from the Pastors and Elders along with seeing the draft documents and having a chance to ask any questions.

Town Hall Meetings will be held Sunday, August 18th

2pm – Mount Pleasant Campus
4pm – Alma Campus
6pm – St. Johns Campus

*You can view both the current version and the proposed updates to the bylaws below.  

After these town hall meetings we will be holding a meeting of the congregation on Sunday, September 15th at 12:45pm  to vote on the proposed revised bylaws.

If you have questions in advance, please contact Eric Barz, Executive Pastor, at


View the existing bylaws     View the proposed updates